Minho Lee Lab

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Welcome to the Minho Lee Lab, also known as the Laboratory of Big Data Biology and Precision Medicine, situated within the Department of Life Science at Dongguk University Biomedical Campus. Our lab is driven by a keen interest in a diverse array of fields including bioinformatics, computational biology, medicinal chemistry, and precision medicine.

Our research spans a broad spectrum, ranging from foundational mathematical, statistical, and computational aspects, involving the development of cutting-edge algorithms, prediction models, pipelines, and web servers. We also apply existing tools to analyze various omics data types, pinpoint biomarkers for precision medicine, and unearth novel drug candidates.


New member : 2023-1

Mar 1, 2023

Gyuyeon Jang win a prize : Best Poster Award

Sep 16, 2022

in the The 31th International KOGO Annual Conference 

New member : 2022-2

Sep 1, 2022

New member : 2022-1

Feb 1, 2021

HW.Shim, JH.Jung and EJ.Hong win a prize

Dec 12, 2021

HW.Shim win a prize :  Best Poster Award

Sep 9, 2021

in The 30th International KOGO Annual Conference 

New member : 2021-2

Sep 1, 2021

Our lab has expanded

Mar 25, 2021

Our homepage has been launched 

Mar 25, 2021